If you’re looking for the perfect tote – or even if you’re not – the search is over.  I originally spotted this vegan leather-like tote on the shoulder of someone on public transit.  It’s a perfect size, comes in neutral but stylish colours, and looks just really darn good in person.  Shortly after that, I kept spotting them in the streets of Vancouver and then finally discovered that the mystery bag is Street Level, available at Nordstrom.  The moment I discovered that Nordstrom carried this gem of a tote, I immediately thought that the full price would be a hefty amount – boy, was I wrong.

At just $48, the construction, feel, stitching, seams, and versatility are truly above and beyond the price point.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s reversible and it comes with a wristlet?  Trust me when I say this bag is a steal for the price and you truly won’t regret the (very tiny) investment – if you don’t believe me, check out the reviews at the link below.

Find it here.

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