When we chose to have a backyard woods wedding, we knew we were choosing to have a small guest list; we knew that we would need to stock up on sunscreen; and we knew that we would need to familiarize ourselves with the basics of how to set up a tent. What I didn’t know at the time is that I was committing to fighting the uphill battle of finding the perfect pair of bridal flats.

Our wedding ceremony will take place on the grass, so instead of ruining expensive shoes or wearing awkward heel protectors, I happily opted to wear flats. This was a no-brainer for me because I’m all about comfort -- especially in the hot summer heat. I excitedly started searching, but quickly realized that finding a flat shoe that’s appropriate to wear with a wedding dress is much easier said than done.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Shoes

  • The venue and overall feel of the wedding
  • The style of your dress
  • The type of floors you'll be walking on - Grass? Concrete? Gravel?
  • The total amount of walking you'll be doing
  • Weather (heat = swelling)

A quick Google search will populate your standard bridal flat, but I wanted more. I wanted a quality shoe that looked good, felt great, and that I could proudly wear again. I dug through department stores, boutiques, Pinterest, websites, forums, and sale sections. In the end, I was victorious (I chose these stunners), but the search for the perfect pair was harder than finding the perfect dress.

I suspect I’m not the only bride experiencing flat footwear frustration, so I’m excited to share a roundup of my favorite bridal flats. Save your soles with these festive flats that you can continue to wear after you walk down the aisle. And if you absolutely must wear heels for your ceremony, consider a chic shoe change for your reception!

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