If you have ever experienced eczema, you know it can be awful. Heck, if you’ve ever seen eczema, you know it can be awful; it itches, hurts, burns, and even bleeds. I’ve only recently developed eczema on my hands over the past couple of years and I’ve been searching for something to soothe and ease it ever since.  

I’ve been to my doctor and have a medicated cream, but it’s quite strong and you’re supposed to use it sparingly. In the hunt for something that keeps my eczema at bay and that I can use every day, I’ve spent more money than I’d like to admit on hand creams. I’ve also spent countless hours looking for reviews and information online, only to find out that no one is really talking about eczema.

So, today I am. I’ve had success with a select few over-the-counter products and have created my own arsenal of eczema-friendly cream, so I’ve decided to share my findings with you. Below is a list of my eczema must-haves and a description of when/how I use them. I have plenty of products that didn’t make the list and ones that I enjoy using, but I didn’t notice a difference in my eczema. Below is my honest opinion, experiences, and praises for my select chosen few.

P.S. I know this is probably obvious, but I’m going to be very clear here: I am not a doctor. The information in this post should not be used as medical advice. You should go see your doctor if you’re having health/skin issues before trying a new product. Now, let’s get on to the good stuff.


Working Hands (Jar) - I use this cream daily to prevent my hands from cracking and developing eczema. I know the packaging isn’t overly pretty and the commercials are a little cheesy, but I swear by this little pot of gold as my everyday moisturizer. My husband was actually the one who introduced me to it and needless to say, this was the first time he’s introduced me to a beauty product that I love. He purchased it because he wanted a moisturizer that wasn’t greasy or overly scented and I’ve since stolen it from him. If you like the effectiveness of Glysomed but don’t like the oily film it leaves behind, I highly recommend this product. It’s extremely moisturizing without being overly greasy and is the most effective at hydrating my hands for a long period of time. Note - I’ve heard that the Working Hands that comes in a tube is more oily, so I would recommend sticking with the jar version if you’re looking for a more matte moisturizer.

Sudocrem - Another product that isn’t exactly beautiful to look at, but it works. I use this when my poor eczema hands have cracked and/or bled. It’s a thick white paste that is most commonly used to treat diaper rash, but I love it for my eczema. It creates a barrier on the skin and doesn’t really soak in, so I usually use this before bed, when I’m working from home, or when I have a quiet night in.

Saje Eczema Ease - Specifically formulated for eczema, I use this cream when I want something with a scent. The Sudocrem and Working Hands both don’t have any fragrance, so I really like that this cream not only has a scent, it is made specifically to combat eczema. My eczema flares up when I put anything with a scent near it, so this is the only scented product I use when it’s really bad. It is the least greasy of all the options and has a strong lavender/patchouli scent.

DermaMed All Purpose Balm - I found DermaMed when I was searching for a natural alternative to synthetic cortisone. Even though the label calls it a balm, I would say it’s more of a cream. It’s lightweight and has a medicated/essential oils scent, which I actually really enjoy. I use this on my eczema when it gets really bad, but I’ve also used it on insect bites, skin irritations, and other skin issues that have popped up.

When things are dire, I turn to my prescription cream, but these four moisturizers usually control and prevent it from happening in the first place. Do you have any eczema-friendly creams that you swear by? I’d love to hear your tips by sharing them in the comments below!

The products I use to manage the eczema on my ahnds: Saje Eczema Ease, Working Hands, Sudocrem, and DermaMed All Purpose Balm.
I've had winter eczema on my hands for as long as I can remember - this is how I manage it.
Tried, tested, and true.  These are the four over-the-counter creams that help me control and mange my eczema.
The best over the counter eczema creams. #beauty
The products I use to treat my eczema: Saje Eczema Ease, Working Hands, Sudocrem, and DermaMed All Purpose Balm.
I've had eczema most of my life, so today I'm sharing the creams that help me control it.
The products I use for eczema: Saje Eczema Ease, Working Hands, Sudocrem, and DermaMed All Purpose Balm.
How I deal with the eczema on my hands: Saje Eczema Ease, Working Hands, Sudocrem, and DermaMed All Purpose Balm.

Where to Find the Products Featured in this Article

1) Working Hands - I purchase this at London Drugs, but I've also seen it at Shopper's Drugmart, Home DepotWalmart, and Target
2) Sudocrem - I purchase this at London Drugs, but I've also seen it at Shopper's Drug MartWalmart, and Target
3) Saje Eczema Ease - Available only at Saje stores or online.
4) DermaMed All Purpose Balm - Whole Foods.

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