I’ve always been an old soul, so I guess it’s only fitting that I now need to wear glasses. I’ve found myself squinting a lot more than usual over the past couple years and after avoiding it for a while, I finally saw an eye doctor. After the exam (I hate those numbing eye drops!), I discovered that my squinty-suspicions were correct; my optometrist prescribed me glasses. I’d like to clarify (not that it matters to anyone but me), that it’s a pretty weak prescription, so I’m not a granny yet - at least not when it comes to my eyes.

A Trick: How To Pick The Right Glasses for You

Choosing a pair of glasses was much harder than I expected. I knew I wanted something minimal and classic; through the process of elimination, I narrowed it down to a few pairs...then I got stuck. The sales associate suggested I take a photo of myself wearing each style and then choose my final selection based on the photos. I thought this seemed silly - especially since I was surrounded by a wall of mirrors - but this was exactly how I made my decision. This silly little trick actually worked and really allowed me to see how the glasses looked on my face.

In the end, I chose a pair of black Raybans and am very happy with my choice. I’m still getting used to wearing them and remembering to bring them with me whenever I leave the house. Perhaps it is my newfound old age wisdom talking, but I know they will eventually feel very normal to me.

How to wear glasses and be stylish
How to wear and style black glasses
How to style black Rayban glasses.
Minimalist manicure with a single dot on the nails.  Love this nail art!
How to wear and style a neck scarf.
Minimalist neck scarf with an all grey outfit.

| Jacket: Club Monaco | Glasses: Rayban | Jeans: The Gap (c/o) | Boots: Ecco | Sweater: Joe Fresh Cashmere Sweater (c/o) | Neck Scarf:  Smash + Tess (c/o) | 

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