As the temperature gets cooler, so do lipstick hues. Each year, dark lipstick makes a comeback for fall and winter along with cozy sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything, and chunky scarves.

If this beauty trend intimidates you, you’re not alone. When I first started wearing bold, berry lipsticks, I thought I looked downright strange. In the end, I realized that I just wasn’t used to seeing myself in dark makeup. 

Fast forward a couple years, and I look forward to pulling out my dark brown, shades of berry, and (almost) purple lipstick. If you’re looking to try this trend, keep these tips in mind as you search for the perfect hue for you.


  1. Start with a softer shade. If you’re trying dark lipstick for the first time, stick with shades that aren’t completely opaque. Muted and sheer shades of purple, brown, or berry are a great place to start.

  2. Focus on one feature at a time. When you’re wearing a dark lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup natural to avoid looking overdone.

  3. Match your skin tone. To avoid looking washed out, lighter skin tones (like me) should stick to the lighter side of darker hues. Darker skin tones can wear much darker lipstick without entering into the "goth-inspired" makeup category.

  4. Test and try. It may take some testing to find a lipstick that you love, so consider going to a store like Sephora where you can try it before you buy it. If you end up purchasing a lipstick that you're not happy with, layer it with other colours until you get the look you were hoping for. For this look, I used Estée Lauder's new Pure Color Love Lipstick in "Love Object". I toned it down slightly to match my skin tone using a pale pink lipstick I had on hand.

  5. Ask for help. If all else fails, ask a sales associate for some advice. Even though I have some tried, tested, and true fall shades, I always ask for a helping hand when I’m searching for a new lipstick. A second set of eyes helps me make a decision and I often discover new products or shades that I normally wouldn’t consider on my own.

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Shirt: | Plaid Tie Front Blouse c/o Romwe | Purse: Madewell Transport Tote | Shoes: Chanel (Vintage) | Jeans: Serena jeans c/o Mavi | Lipstick: Estée Lauder "Love Object" (c/o) mixed with pink lipstick |

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