Kimonos have always been a challenge for me. I love them on other people, but whenever I wear them I feel like they take over my entire outfit. By the end of the day, I usually end up feeling frumpy, sloppy, and like I was wearing a housecoat all day.

I ruled them out all together until I recently spotted someone wearing a gorgeous kimono and was inspired to try again. After a little research and a lot of shopping, I finally solved my kimono conundrum. If you’re in the market for a kimono (but don’t want the bulk), keep these tips in mind:

  1. Go sheer. A sheer fabric will preserve your silhouette and prevent a housecoat-inspired look.

  2. Go light. A lightweight fabric won’t add bulk to your outfit and will still give you that flowy, boho look.

  3. Go short. If you want to decrease bulk, choose a waist-length kimono to minimize fabric but still enjoy the style.

  4. Look for tailoring and shape. Many of the kimonos I tried on were long, single pieces of fabric with minimal shape. As soon as I started looking for kimonos with shape, it changed my entire look. Keep an eye out for darts, pockets, curved hems, visible seams, and flattering cuts.

  5. Look for embellishments and prints. Add texture and volume to your outfit with simple, small embellishments or an eye-catching print. The tassels on this kimono add texture and shape without weighing me down.

How to wear a kimono: minimalist, flattering, and tassels.
Minimalist outfit details: tassels, oversized black clutch, and skinny jeans. #ootd
Love this outfit: street style kimono, skinny jeans, zara sandals.
Easy "updo": just use a minimalist gold hair clip.
Street style 2017: how to wear a kimono.
How to make a kimono cardigan look flattering. #outfit
Fashion: minimalist chic outfit.
I love tassel clothing! This black kimono with tassels is so cute (oh, and it's $24)!
Minimalist street style chic outfit: black t-shirt, skinny jeans, and an oversized clutch.

| Kimono: Contrast Tassel Trimmed Kimono c/o Shein | Clutch: BCBG, similar here | Sandals: Zara, similar here (on sale!) | T-shirt: Emma's Closet | Hair Clip: J.Crew Thin Metallic Barette (MAJORLY on sale!) | 

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