After years of searching, I finally decided to settle down and make a commitment.  It took me a while, but I can happily say I found "the one".  Yes, that's right, I finally purchased a new digital camera. 

Oh, you thought I was talking about my wedding that was only 8 days ago?  There will be more on that later, but for now you can check out a few sneak peek photos here

Anyway, back to my newfound love: the Canon EOS 6D with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.  


It literally took me years to decide on a new digital SLR camera.  My Nikon D3100 just wasn’t cutting it anymore; it’s discontinued and many of the lenses/features I wanted were simply not available with an older camera.  Since I use my camera for my website and personal business on a daily basis, I was really starting to feel like I was getting “left behind” with old technology.  I put off upgrading for a long time because I just found it too overwhelming, but I eventually had to choose.

When searching for a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, you’ll see a lot of numbers, features, and phrases.  Here’s a very basic rundown of what they all mean (note that these are very simplified definitions):

Frames-Per-Second - The more frames-per-second, the quicker you can take images.  If you’re taking photos of an activity, children, or animals, a high frames-per-second will allow you to take more photos quickly in sequence.

ISO Range - A higher ISO number indicates a greater sensitivity in low light, which gives you overall versatility when shooting photos like the ones below.

Video - Most DSLRs come with video capabilities.  If this is not something you’re interested in (and don’t want to pay for it), you may want to see if you can find a camera that fits your needs that doesn’t offer video.

Focusing Points - The higher number of focusing points indicates a greater ability to capture action and detail.

Aperture (f-Number) – This a complex one, but basically a larger aperture (note that a larger aperture is actually denoted by a smaller number) lets more light in to the camera shutter (ie. f/1.2).  Keeping this in mind, it’s also important to note that the wider the aperture, the narrower the depth of field (which is what gives you background blur, also known as bokeh).  I wanted a wide range of background blur capability, so this is why I chose a lens with a low f-number (f/1.4).

Zoom Vs. Prime Lenses – Prime lenses have a fixed focal length, meaning that unless you physically move, you cannot change how the image appears in the camera (my lens is prime: 50mm).  A zoom lens has a variable focal length, letting you zoom in or out of the frame without physically moving yourself.  An example of a zoom lens is 70-200mm; this means that it can act as a lens of any focal length from 70mm to 200mm.

The best way to decide on a camera and lens is to get clear on what features are important for you.  As someone that takes a lot of street-style photos, bokeh (background blur) was very important to me.  I don’t take a lot of photos that require zoom, so a large zoom range wasn’t a major priority for me. 

I was happy with Nikon, but after reading up on Canon and bugging friends about their preferences, I decided to switch to Canon.  Most fashion bloggers and street-style photographers shoot with a 50mm lens, and since Canon’s 50mm has an f-number of 1.4, I knew this was the magic combination for me.

Below is my first street-style photo session with my Canon 6D and 50mm lens.  We are still learning how to use it, but I’m extremely happy with my purchase.  Whether you’re a fashion blogger (pro tip: go with the 50mm lens!) or just want to get into the DSLR game, I highly recommend the Canon 6D.

Just to clarify: this article is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Canon.  I purchased the camera from a store with my own hard-earned money.  When I first started learning about digital cameras, I had a lot of trouble finding this information in one place, so hopefully this will help some of you during your decision-making process too.  Happy photo snapping! 

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