Have you ever splurged on a new pair of jeans, only to discover that you made the wrong decision?  After wearing them for a few hours, they don’t feel or look as good as they did in the store, and now you’re stuck with them?  I used to have this problem all the time; I despised denim shopping, so I wanted it over and done with as soon as possible.  I always chose the first pair of jeans that buttoned up and did the job; not surprisingly, I would get them home and realize they were too tight, too long, uncomfortable to wear all day, or they would stretch out and lose their shape.

Now that I’m older and wiser, comfort and fit is even more of a priority for me.  When I invest in an item, I want it to be exactly what I’m looking for; the next time you go searching for denim, keep these tips in mind to find the perfect blues for you:

1. Set Time Aside – Unless you win the denim lottery of life, there’s no such thing as “quickly picking up a pair of jeans”. Women’s (and men’s) bodies are unique – we each have our own hips, bums, thighs, ankles, and tummies.  Understandably, brands are not able to make a “one size fits all” style, so give yourself enough time (and don’t get frustrated!) to find your dream denim.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof from my latest denim shopping excursion – see how many pairs I tried on?

2. Read the Label – If comfort is as important to you as it is to me, this should be rule #1 for you.  I am active and I can’t stand feeling constrained or restricted, so the first thing I do is look on the label of the jeans to see what they are made out of. If you’re looking for something with give and comfort, look for materials like lycra, cotton, or elastane.

3. Get Social – Talk to the sales associates.  They are a wealth of knowledge and likely know the styles better than anyone. Once you choose a style or a pair, be sure to ask if they stretch out, the best way to care for them, and what the return policy is.

4. Do Your Homework – If you have a favourite brand or store you’re going to shop at, familiarize yourself with the styles before you go. I recently did this and it saved me so much time and frustration.  I knew I wasn’t looking for a low-rise, boyfriend fit, or a high waist style, so I breezed past these tables and was able to interact with the sales associate using the proper style names.

5. Get Bendy – It may make you feel silly, but do it.  Sit down, stand up, and do some lunges in the change room; do what you have to do to find out if you’ll still love these jeans after wearing them for a while.  Jeans may feel great on when you’re standing up, but what do they look/feel like when you’re sitting down?  Do they dig into your waist?  Do they have enough stretch?  Are they too tight?  This is where I’ve gone wrong in the past and I’ve ended up with what I call “stand up pants”. They look great standing up, but the second I sit down, it’s muffin top city.

6. Don’t Take It Personally – As discussed in tip #1, not every pair of jeans will fit everyone.  Some styles, colours, or shapes may not flatter you.  If this happens, don’t take it personally; throw the jeans into the “no pile” and move on.

| Jeans: Adriana Ripped Skinny c/o Mavi Jeans | Top: J.Crew Flannel Button Up |
| Vest: Lululemon - similar here | Shoes: Sperry Topsider | Sunglasses: Susie Wall for C4 |
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