When we moved out of our tiny 500-square-foot apartment, we quadrupled our space. Since we didn't have a lot of furniture or belongings, it was the perfect time to make a few style changes. Our old place was cozy and had some good basic pieces, so I built upon what we already owned and incorporated a few updated trends.  

In the next couple months, I'm going to share a few of those trends with you and it will eventually lead up to our big home reveal.  I didn't actively incorporate these trends; it was only when I started decorating that I was able to see a pattern in what I was choosing. 

Today's trend is neutral decor and furniture.  Beachy, bleached-out wood, sheepskin rugs, and Scandinavian furniture essentials have been my go-to home basics. Here is a roundup of some of my favourites (and some items that I purchased myself).

Neutral home decor essentials: sheepskin rug, hanging planters, rope baskets, and bleached washed out wood.

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