If my skin were a person, it would be a toddler.  I love my skin, but sometimes it really tests me.  It acts up, overreacts, and occasionally throws full-blown temper tantrums.  The slightest thing can set it off - and just when I think I have it all figured out, it goes and changes.  Here’s my skin timeline:

Childhood: normal/combination skin.
Teenage Years: Acne and combination skin.
Young Adult Years: Dry skin (all over) and eczema.
Adult Years: Very oily t-zone and dry skin elsewhere.  Eczema.

When my skin went from dry to an oily t-zone, I realized that skin type is not something that is constant.  In addition to all these changes, I developed a pretty serious allergy; the last time I dyed my hair, I had a full-blown allergic reaction to hair dye and I can no longer dye my hair at all.  (Side note, want to see something freaky?  Google “hair dye allergic reaction” and brace yourself….)

When Dial® offered me the chance to try Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap and share my skincare story, I knew I had to.  I know a lot of people struggle with their skin (including myself) and although it can be a real challenge, it’s important to keep it in perspective.  Here’s what works for me:

Face – I wash my face twice a day with a mild exfoliant and follow with a day/night moisturizer as appropriate.  At night I apply a night serum before my moisturizer and if I’m not feeling too lazy, an eye serum under my eyes.

Body - A lot of people forget that your body needs skincare too.  I used to use an all-natural soap, but I actually found that it was giving me more reactions than anything else, so I started using standard bar soap with a shower pouf and I’ve stuck to this for years now.  I recently swapped my usual bar soap out for Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap and love the lather pockets. They are basically little holes on the ergonomic shaped bar that create a thick, creamy lather, eliminating the need for a shower pouf. It also contains vitamin E and aloe that helps leave skin feeling soft, and, as a handy bonus, it’s 25% larger than other Dial® bar soaps.

Makeup – This is one of the biggest changes that really helped my skin’s overall appearance: I stopped wearing powder and/or foundation.  I know it’s hard, but wearing no cover-up (except to hide the baggy “I stayed up too late writing” eyes) is incredibly freeing and made a very noticeable difference in my skin’s overall appearance.  I was actually at an event a few weeks ago and someone asked me what foundation I used!  I told her that I wasn’t wearing any and she said “well I wish my skin looked like that without makeup!” I laughed a little inside because of the irony of it all: I stop wearing foundation to cover up my skin and as a result, people ask me what I use to cover my skin. 

Hands – I’m a little obsessive when it comes to washing my hands, so I use a gentle hand soap with minimal fragrance to prevent my hands from drying out.  I’ve also used body wash as hand soap when my hands start to get really dry; I find body washes have strong moisturizing properties and clean just as well as regular soap.  My hands are the first thing to show the signs of changing seasons, so I swapped out my regular hand soap with Dial® Soothing Care with Collagen because it’s dermatologist-tested and pH balanced.  It has a pleasant, light scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Moisturize – After every shower I always follow up with a good quality moisturizing lotion – especially on my hands, feet, and eczema-prone patches.

Protect – Sunscreen.  Always sunscreen.  Sunscreen when you don’t even think you need sunscreen.

As you can see, my skincare routine is actually pretty simple.  I know some women spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on their skin, but that’s just not me; I have a minimalist approach to makeup and skincare and that’s how I like it.  This doesn’t mean that my toddler skin won’t get cranky and decide it wants a cookie.  I’m human just like everyone else and it works out, because sometimes a cookie is exactly what I need.

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