In an attempt to deal with daily life chaos, I’ve been actively trying to be more organized.  I don’t mean massive spreadsheet schedules or even daily meal planning - I’m talking small, specific tasks that help me achieve my goals and generally make things easier.  

I’ve set my sights on small time-savers that help me get out the door quicker; find my keys faster; and help me to always remember my gym shoes. Here are a few of my favourites that have really stepped up my organization game:

On Automatic - There’s already enough to worry about in the morning, so we purchased a programmable coffee maker.  I set everything up at night before we go to bed and program it to turn on right as we are waking up. We also get the added bonus of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

A Place for Everything and Everything In its Place - There’s a reason that you’ve probably heard this saying before: because it truly works. Instead of throwing our keys on the counter, we now have a dish for keys and miscellaneous items we need when we leave the house.  Instead of leaving the dog leash on the ground (because we know we are going to use it again in a few hours), I got a bin for all our pup’s items...which brings me to my next tip.

Baskets and Bins - I’ve always been a fan of organization, but I’ve taken it to an entirely new level this year.  Even though we have much more room than we used to, we are taking full advantage of it by using baskets, bins, and drawer organizers to sort everything from toilet paper to our computer cords.

Meal Prep Sunday - Since we have a little more time on the weekends, we make dinner for eight every Sunday (even though there’s just two of us). We freeze half of it and then eat the other half during the week for easy weeknight dinners or lunches.

Do you have any organization time hacks?! Leave a comment below - I’m all ears!

How to wear and style a little black dress.
Love this! How to wear a little black dress in the winter.
matte lipstick and a helmut lang moto jacket.
All black outfit: leather, lbd, and fringe.
Minimalist all black outfit.
Bold lipstick and a moto jacket.
Minimalist fashion blog.

| Dress: Joe Fresh. Similar here | Jacket: Helmut Lang. Similar here |
| Shoes: Sperry Topsider | Tassel Bag: Similar here. | 

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