Ask any bride what her favourite part of her wedding planning process is and she might say the dress, tasting the food, picking out bridesmaid dresses, or planning the decor.  For me, it was the DIY projects. I love DIY, but I rarely have time to do it - my wedding was the perfect excuse to change this. 

Keeping with our backyard brunch wedding theme (to read my wedding inspiration post click here), we chose to give all our guests jars of homemade granola as favors.  I was originally going to buy some basic jars in bulk, but where's the fun in that?! I've spotted some amazing vintage containers over the years in thrift stores, so we decided to thrift 36 glass jars and canisters to put the granola in for our guests.

To some, this may sound like an overwhelming task, but to me it was a dream day.  My fiancé (now husband) and I headed out one Saturday morning and visited seven Value Village locations in one day.  At first he wasn't exactly enthusiastic about spending the day searching for glass jars, but the man loves a challenge and after just one store, he started suggesting the most efficient routes and strategizing our day of treasure hunting.  

Looking back, this is now one of our favourite wedding planning memories.  We spent the day together, stopped for lunch, enjoyed each other's company, and achieved our goal of thrifting 36 glass canisters. Each jar ranged in price from $4 to $8, with an average cost of $5.

Photo:  Lapir0

Photo: Lapir0


1. Collect your jars. Do it all in one day or slowly over a longer period of time. If you don't like thrifting (!!!) or don't have the time to search for individual jars, you can purchase bulk quantities of Mason jars at or canisters from Ikea. Don't forget to wash and dry them before using them!

DIY granola gifts.

2. Make your tags. I can't find the extremely talented person behind my wedding favor tags because the link I found them at no longer works. Either way, I downloaded some free wedding favor tags and customized them using Photoshop. There are so many free downloadable tags online, but here are a few to get you started:

DIY wedding favours.

3. Go shopping. Find your granola recipe of choice and stock up on all the supplies you'll need - we got most of our supplies from Costco. We used this maple bourbon granola recipe and it was a big hit with all of our guests (and the bride and groom). 

How to make your own wedding favors.

4. Get Baking. I planned on doing all the granola baking myself, but as the wedding drew closer, one of my best friends politely reminded me that I couldn't do everything.  Then she blew my mind and offered to take on all the baking for me - best friends forever! 

Homemade healthy (no added sugar!) granola recipe.

5. Put a lid on it. Once the granola is done, let it cool and transfer it to the jars. Punch a hole in each tag using a hole punch and tie the tags to the jars with ribbon or twine.

My final tip: keep in mind that this granola is for your guests and try not to eat it all! 

Printable gift tags.
Free printable granola gift tags.
Photo:  Lapir0

Photo: Lapir0

Glass jars and canisters c/o Value Village. Disclosure: The above links are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something that I feature, I’ll get a small commission. Not enough to buy a pony, but this is one of the ways that I can continue to #findit for you!