When I first announced I was moving to Vancouver, I was inundated with comments like “bring an umbrella” and “I hope you don’t mind getting wet”. While these comments had some sage advice behind them, what I quickly discovered is that the rain isn’t so bad - as long as you have the proper gear.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find a pair of rainboots that I liked. I’ve looked - I really have - but they are often bulky on my narrow feet and usually come in bright colours, which I don’t generally wear. I’ve been getting by with a pair of leather Chelsey boots, but it was time to get a proper pair of rain I designed my own.

I used Sperry’s online customization tool to design my own Saltwater Duck Boot. The process itself was easy and fun; I played around with colour combinations and styles for the laces, fleece lining, outsole, duck shell, and leather upper. To finish things off, I added a custom monogram patch and then waited patiently for them to arrive in the mail.

Below is the final product. As you can see, they are exactly what I designed. They are true to my personal style and for the first time since I moved to Vancouver, I can finally say that I’m prepared for the rain.

P.S. To design your own Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot, click here.

Duck boot (rain boot) street style.
Winter street style: sio and kyo black parka, black toque, Sperry duck boots, skinny jeans, and Roots wool socks.
Minimalist fashion blog: winter street style.
Monogrammed and custom minimalist rain boots by Sperry Topsider.
Love these custom Sperry duck boots - so cute! Minimalist and waterproof.
Sperry Topsider customizable waterproof saltwater duck boots.
The warmest (and stylish) black parka.
Winter street style: oversized black parka, waterproof rain boots, and a black toque.
How to style a winter parka.

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