If you asked me five years ago whether I would ever wear an all black outfit, my answer would have been "hell no". I was obsessed with neon, loved bold, bright jewellery, and barely owned anything that was considered a closet basic. 

Oh my, how the times have changed.

Fast forward a few years and black is my go-to colour. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my IG Stories, you'll know that my shoe collection is essentially all black and black nail polish is a must for me. In fact, I just got a black pedicure (which you can see here) and I love it.

Occasionally I'll feel a little overwhelmed by my love of black, so I'll seek out something with a little colour...and by colour, I mean white. I love this simple pineapple t-shirt because it's minimalist, matches with everything, and happens to be $10

Tomorrow I'll be fully back to black. 


All black everything: an all black outfit with everyday basics.
Romwe blogger review. Love this $10 pineapple t-shirt!
Minimalist street style outfit: Black tote, black sunglasses, black ripped skinny jeans.  SO CUTE!
Love this elegant #ootd. All black outfit with a minimalist Madewell black tote and a $10 tee.
$10 Romwe Black Pineapple Print Drop Shoulder T-Shirt.

| Tee: Black Pineapple Print T-Shirt c/o Romwe | Tote: Madewell Transport Tote |
| Jeans: c/o Mavi | Shoes: Thrifted | 

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