So we bought a home. I am so excited, scared, and still in awe that I'm adulting as hard as I am, but it's true.

Real estate in Vancouver is rough (don't worry, I wont start my rant), but we were able to find something that fit our needs and quite a few of our wants.  It certainly wasn't without compromise, but we are incredibly grateful to realize one of our longterm goals.

What else does this mean?  Decorating, painting, furniture - the works.  But before I start deciding on too much furniture, I've decided to focus on painting - specifically, a bold accent wall.  I wasn't always a fan of accent walls until I discovered how chic a dark, bold accent wall can look.  Bonus: an accent wall is a very affordable way to make a major impact in a room.

I've decided to go with a dark navy blue or black wall, but there are plenty of gorgeous options out there (many of which I've pinned here).  Whether you're looking to add a little splash of paint to your home or you just like looking at pretty pictures, here are a few of my favourite accent walls.

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Photographer:  Sofi Sykfont . Homeowner:  Pella Hedeby . Source:  Afton Bladet.

Photographer: Sofi Sykfont. Homeowner: Pella Hedeby. Source: Afton Bladet.

Photo:     Nicole Cohen . Source:  My Domain . 

Photo: Nicole Cohen. Source: My Domain

Photography: BHG. Found on:  Domino . 

Photography: BHG. Found on: Domino

Photo: BOLIGMAGASINET. Found on:  Domino .

Photo: BOLIGMAGASINET. Found on: Domino.

Photography:  Design Sponge . Found on:  Domino .

Photography: Design Sponge. Found on: Domino.