When shearling recently started to show up in social media, magazines, and blogs, I couldn’t have been happier. As someone that shamelessly dresses myself based on comfort, it’s likely no surprise that I’m obsessed with this cozy, chic fabric. 

My love affair with shearling started back in 2005, when I purchased a Juicy Couture shearling jacket off eBay. I lusted over it for months, but it was this photo of Jessica Simpson wearing it that really sealed the deal for me - I had to have it. I know, I know…there are so many laughable details in this story already.



I saved up my $7.50/hr wage to buy the exact same jacket as Jessica Simpson, so it felt incredibly luxurious to me. I purchased it off eBay when both Juicy Couture and the online bidding website were at their peak, so I probably received a knockoff, but I didn’t care; I wore it every day with pride until it didn’t fit anymore.

Fast-forward to now, and I just discovered the Juicy Couture Sherpa Jacket of 2018: the H&M Pile Biker Jacket. There are many ways to describe the material: Sherpa, teddy bear hair, faux wool, pile, or perhaps even “the same material that the knockoff Juicy Couture Sherpa jackets of 2005 were made of”. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but this jacket is my new late winter/early spring go-to jacket. It’s warm, lightweight, a little badass, and insanely comfortable. My 2005 self is psyched.

This shearling jacket is pure perfection! And it's only $70.
I love shearling! This shearling biker jacket is SO chic and luxurious (without the expesive price tag).
Minimalist street style - kendra hagerman of Kendra Found It.
Cozy, fuzzy, faux shearling fur.
Minimalist street style - faux shearling (aka teddy bear hair) biker jacket.
This minimalist faux shearling sherpa jacket tho. OMG. <3
This H&M faux shearling biker jacket its SO cool.  Love that it's a little oversized and looks sooo chic! Only $70.
This fuzzy faux wool jacket is SO cozy! It's the 2018 it jacket - and it's only $70.
White nails, oversized pile biker jacket, and all black outfit - love this minimal street style.
Shearling jacket dreams. I'm so into minimalist street style and luxury fashion for less.

| Biker Jacket: H&M Pile Jacket | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Top: Club Monaco | Boots: Loeffler Randall | Necklace: Sequin Constellation Necklace |

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