If I’m being completely honest, I wrote off puffer jackets years ago. When shopping for a parka or warm jacket, I wouldn’t even consider them because I associated them with the pink oversized puffer I had as a child. I completely understand why my parents got me the coat — it was warm and lightweight  — but I found it restricting and bulky. I couldn’t care less how it looked on me, I just hated the feeling of being weighed down. I’m also pretty sure I “forgot” it at school on numerous occasions (sorry, mom!).

Fast forward to this year. Vancouver’s winters seem to be getting cumulatively worse, so I’ve consciously started investing in more practical and warm clothing (that’s also stylish). The puffer jackets in stores now are nothing like the ones from when I was a child, so I decided to give them a second chance.


There’s a reason that you’ll spot one every block as you walk through Vancouver: puffers are both warm and incredibly lightweight. Funnily enough, this was actually one of the reasons that kept me from considering one as an adult; they are so lightweight that I assumed they weren’t warm enough. Obviously, I was wrong.

I’m wearing Roots’ Packable Down Jacket, which features ethically harvested duck down that’s traceable by using the code that comes with the jacket. It has a 700 fill power, which refers to the space that one ounce of the down occupies when it’s at its fluffiest. The higher the number, the warmer the coat.


The 2017 puffer is also much more compact than its distant ‘90s down relative. This one folds up into a small travel-friendly pouch, which is actually located inside the left pocket.


Not only are puffer jackets in style now, the silhouette has completely changed. Gone are the days of big, bloated jackets that boast the not-so-flattering shape of a rectangle. While you can still purchase oversized jackets (lots of people prefer this style), many of the new puffer jackets are sleek and streamlined. This one features flushed seams and pockets and a modern, clean hood that adds extra warmth without adding extra bulk.

To shop my Roots packable down jacket, click here.


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